One of a kind Emergency Services Simulator!

Responding is here to bring a unique and new perspective to the emergency services simulator genre, with the freedom of a sandbox and the realism of a simulator all set in a massive open world where even the AI lives their own life.


Artificial Intelligence

Since the player will be interacting the most with the AI it was very important to create AI that behaves in a realistic way, this to simulate events that police officers experience in the real world.
Each individual AI has an identity with a job (or not), children, married & a police history this will ultimately influence the decision making in each scenario. Will the suspect surrender or flee?


You can't protect the citizens of New York on your own, the AI is there to help you, and if that is not enough you can always join forces with friends in your own singleplayer game or eventually even create a custom dedicated server whith the possibility of creating your own gamemodes.


A complex and realistic sandbox allowing you to play the game as you like, Responding is setup with a minimal HUD in mind allowing for the most immersive experience to date, does something look like you can interact with it, most likely that you can just like in real life!

Domain Awareness System

Short for DAS is the system that you will use for all information gathering within the police force, here you can run license plates, check criminal history, create incident reports, use a realtime map of all the active calls in the city and decide what to respond to, with much more coming.


When we say freedom we mean it, the customization is a good example of that. Being able to setup your patrol vehicle, duty belt and weapon to your personal preference is very important for a successful police tour.

With the same level of detail you will have the ability to customize your clothing, duty belt and weapons.


All Departments


Police Department

Experience the police services like never before!

Be part of the most realistic and free police experience to date, pursuit a suspect fleeing from a crime scene or kick in some doors with an arrest warrent.

With the use of many complex mechanics such as the DAS system where you can write complete incident cases and create investigations to keep track of the sometimes complex scenarios that are happening in the city.


Frequently Asked Questions

Responding is made using Unreal Engine 5. We are taking full advantage of UE5’s new features, including Nanite and Lumen.

We intend for you to be able to have a Peer-to-Peer connection with your friends and down the line the possibility of customizable dedicated servers.

The full game will eventually come with a fully supported SDK.

The game is currently being play tested by the Deluxe, Ultimate & Collector edition supporters. There is no set date for a public release at this stage.

If you have purchased the deluxe edition or higher, please head over to our Discord. and create a support ticket to claim your test branch key. We currently do not have an automated system for prototype key distribution.

Definently, by clicking Here. you will get redirected to the store where you can pre-order a copy of Responding.

Currently there are no plans for a console release, but this is subject to change. If the game is received well on PC and there is enough desire for a console release it may be optimized for console.

When we are satisfied with the state of the game we will release into the early access programs of steam and the epic games store.

The pre-order funds help us to expedite various aspects of development through use of freelance contractors. So far we have acquired custom animations, models, and even an original sound track through the use of pre-order funds. We intend to continue making greater use of pre-order funds for this purpose, and would eventually like to bring on board programmers and other artists that specialize in particular aspects of development, speeding up development considerably.

We also have made use of pre-order funds to acquire various high quality assets that perfectly fit our games needs.



Paramedics are the frontline for saving lives!

As a paramedic you are the person AI and players will turn to when wounded, and with the equipment filled compartments you have plenty of tools at your disposal to make a difference in life or death situations.

Paramedics will experience an equal amount of freedom like police officers, using a system similar to DAS to see the active jobs and an ambulance where you can fully arrange the large selection of equipment in each compartmnent.