Responding has Returned!

And not empty handed! After a lot of hard work Responding has returned with the first pre-alpha gameplay video showcasing some of the core features of the Police department. With the main focus on the potential of the Artificial Intelligence systems.


Artificial Intelligence

Since the player will be interacting the most with the AI it was very important to create AI that behaves in a realistic way, this to simulate events that police officers experience in the real world.
Each individual AI has an identity with a job (or not), children, married & a police history this will ultimately influence the decision making in each scenario. Will the suspect surrender or flee?


You can't protect the citizens of New York on your own, the AI is there to help you, and if that is not enough you can always join forces with friends in your own singleplayer game or create a custom dedicated server


A complex and realistic sandbox allowing you to play the game as you like, Responding is setup with a minimal HUD in mind allowing for the most immersive experience to date, does something look like you can interact with it, you most likely can just like in real life!

Domain Awareness System

Short for DAS is the system that you will use for all information gathering within the police force, here you can run license plates, check criminal history, create incident reports, use a realtime map of all the active calls in the city and decide what to respond to, with much more coming.

Vehicle Customization

Customize the patrol car exactly to your liking, in the future you can even decide where to place your gun rack and what to carry in the trunk, so you are ready for your duties of the day.


Fire Department

Fire Department

Fire is not the only Challenge for the FDNY. As the largest Fire and Rescue service in the United states and the second largest in the world, we aim to bring you the challenges that face Firefighters in ones of the busiest cities on the planet. Tackle fires, rescue victims, attend Crashes, provide access, utilizing faithfully recreated Trucks and Engines, equipment and uniforms and build on your life-saving career.

Police Department

Suspect fleeing from a robbery and jumping into his car resulting in a vehicle pursuit or do you rather kick in some doors for an arrest warrent?
With the use of the DAS system you can write complete incident cases and create investigations where you are required to follow up leads to try and finish a case.

  • Domain Awareness System.

  • Criminal Information Center.

  • Foot & Vehicle pursuits.

  • Investigation mechanics.

  • Action Packed ESU Scenarios.

  • Complex AI backup.



Are you prepared to put your life on the line to save a life? The FDNY EMS are on the front line, saving life and promoting recovery. Regardless of the victim, you will use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure they pull through, working hand in hand with the other departments to protect the citizens of NYC.