About Us


It all started in 2010-2012 where we all met playing the police mod sapdfr and on roleplay servers for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas this developed a passion for emergency services roleplay and development of assets and scripts. We then spend the next +4 years learning and expanding our knowledge in game development to be able to deliver a quality product that we could play for years.
After learning the Unity engine and spending +1 year developing we discovered the engine was unfit for our expertise and we were not happy with the quality of the game, this is where we made the hard decision to switch to Unreal Engine 4, with this transfer we had to give up on the majority of our progress primarily due to the different coding language that Unreal Engine uses.

Our Vision

The vision for Responding is to make what could've never been accomplished with modifications. A realistic experience in a detailed large open world using complex systems and smart artificial intelligence with full player freedom.

The Team

When we started the project we had a team of 4 but as time progressed and life changed the team shrunk, the majority of the unity project was then being made by 2 people. Then once we had decided to switch to unreal engine one of the developers school took over life forcing him to abandon, this left the owner who had to learn to program, animate and design sound luckily Unreal Engine 4 comes with visual scripting which has made it easier to adapt to as an artist.