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No, Responding is a simulator that allows the player to play as Firefigheter, Police officer or Medic in the City of New York.

Responding used to be developed in Unity but we moved over to Unreal Engine 4 since it is a better fitting engine for our project.

Definently, by clicking Here. you will get redirected to the store where you can pre-order a copy of Responding..

No, we will be adding a dedicated server and client side host for multiplayer, this means you can run a dedicated server or join a friends game with their permission.

Currently Responding will be available on Windows, Linux & Mac.

The release date is to be determined.

Yes we have high quality sound files of the New York sirens used by FDNY & NYPD.

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Development for years

We have been developing Responding since 2015, but in Unreal Engine 4 since 2017.

High Quality

All of the assets have a resolution of 4K but are heavily optimized.

Map Size

The map scale is 10 square km's so there is plenty of room for activity.

Singleplayer & Multiplayer

With the option to play alone or to play with friends.

Point of View

Responding will support first person and third person.

Multiplayer Feature

The ability to play as a civilian and to Roleplay with friends (multiplayer only).

Vehicle Customization

Full control over lighting, liveries and the placement of equipment in the vehicles.

Weapon Customization

You will be able to choose your armament and the attachments that come with it.

Uniform Customization

You decide what goes onto your duty belt and where it goes!