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Are you ready to respond?
Check out the new led lighting system, this complex system allows the player to fully customize their emergency lights on their desired patrol car. In this case we are using the New York State Police Chevrette Canis.

The way the lighting system is made allows the player to have full control over each individual led, by being able to manipulate the color, when the desired light flashes, for how long it stays on after being enabled, if it flashes double on a single instance and the time it takes before the next led flashes.
The patterns currently don't have a length limit and can be as complex as the player desires.

What pattern would you make or recreate?



We have been quiet for a while now, but the development and transfer of our assets from Unity to Unreal Engine has been one with struggle if not success, it has also come with some optimization and improvements to our current models. The video showcases our new lighting effect, however it's still Work In Progress and is subject to changes.

While this isn't a lot it's a sign of life that Visionary Studios hasn't gone dark and we will continue to steam ahead, we are very excited for all the things to show you in the future.

The lower framerate was caused by recording software conflicting with Unreal Engine 4.




The time has finally come, here is our gameplay trailer of our Pre-Alpha very soon available for our Collector and Ultimate edition supporters!

Note, there are a few bugs here and there, these will be fixed with upcoming patches, we thought it was time to give our awesome supporters something they can enjoy while we continue our development on Responding!


Enjoy and let us know what you think!


Hello everyone, the past couple of weeks we have been working hard on the first alpha build of Responding that we want to bring out in the first period of 2017, we will be posting an official date when we are able to release a fun and quality product!

If you want to get access to the alpha you can pre-order the Collectors edition or above, not only does this give you exclusive development updates but helps development a tremendous amount!

To make today's update a little more interesting we made some quick screenshots of the interior of the police equipment in the Chevrette Taro, there will be a variety of equipment and accessories that the player is able to choose from.

Note that the interior is not as crisp as we want it to be and will be overhauled at a later date, we are still developing the shaders/lighting and this is one of the early stages hence the yellow tint.

Thank you all for the awesome support over the past few months and have a great week!





Whatsup everyone,

We have been working hard on Responding the past couple of weeks and we have nearly finished one of the many things, which is the Chevrette Taro SUV, we have added some ingame screenshots of the nearly finished interior.

We will be making slight tweaks to the Taro in the upcoming weeks aside of the big variety of police equipment we will be creating for the entire vehicle fleet of the NYPD.

We hope you guys will enjoy these images!







Hello, we wanted to show some of the development of the past weeks, so here are some screenshots of the fire house of Engine 3, Tower ladder 12 and Battalion 7.

The building is still being worked on, finishing the texturing and creating all interior assets for the first floor but also the second floor.

We will be posting allot more progress in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned!






It's been a while since we have shown a development image, we have had the Chevrette Taro textured for a while now and will be finishing it off very soon.

Besides the Taro we have been very hard at work on things we will share with you in the very near future, our ultimate supporters already know about this and will see this very soon!

We have added 2 images of the Taro, keep in mind these are not our final graphics!!

And thank you for the awesome support on our latest video, it was a tiny taste of what we have planned for our gun mechanics.




After a couple of weeks of set back after set back we have finally uploaded a new video.

It showcases the bullet ballistics in Responding, which is still being worked on and expanded so it doesn't resemble the final product.

Keep in mind that the animations, sounds and assets are nowhere near finished and will be replaced or finished.


Hey everyone
This week we worked a lot on a really exciting part of the game that we will reveal very soon, it is one of the core elements for the NYPD and policing in general. We don't want to spoil it yet, so we will be showing you a GIF with our newly added spotlight!
The spotlight can be rotated around and pointed at objects manually using the mouse, while holding down the correct button. 



So instead of showing nothing today we decided to show off some progress of our Seagrave Marauder II which still needs allot of work before it's finalized but you can see the quality and detail we are putting in Responding.

Besides the work on the Marauder II you can look forward to a new video very soon showing some more features of the NYPD.

Thank you all for the support, we have reached over 400 subscribers on youtube, and over 500 members on the forums!

Stay awesome!






Hello everyone, 
Yesterday we released our Mobile Data Computer showcase video and we are very happy everyone liked it and want to give a message to look forward to more content!

In the mean time we have been working on our new AR-15 which our ultimate supporters already have seen but here is the early stage of the AR-15 in all of it's glory!

We hope that you guys enjoy these renders while we continue to work very hard on possibly another video, where you will see a return of the AR-15.

We appreciate all the support and will continue to show much more of Responding!






Hello all,


Today we are showing 2 teaser images of something that we will show sunday, we have moved the friday update to sunday this way we can make allot of progress in the weekend and show something more interesting on the sunday's.


But we didn't want everyone to get bored of our customization video so here are 2 screenshots of something that will be shown of sunday!


Keep in mind this is not the finished product!


Thank you all for the awesome support on the new customization video, it has motivated us to create more content!




Hey everyone,

We haven't been posting a lot of regular updates, because we had end of year exams going on and we were working on things that can be appreciated more in a video! Customization is something that we think is very important to keep a game alive, so we made sure it's something we implement! The system also supports modding, which will be shown down the road!
Enjoy the video, and let us know if you like it!



So the development of past week has been intense, allot has been done in a small amount of time, the Seagrave Marauder II has a bodyshell mapping which still needs some minor adjustments but it's basically done.
We have added some screenshots of the engine with a red and black texture with some dirt to show off a tiny taste of our game details.

Adam has been working on a new police officer and IK animations which is an in engine animating technique which we can use to get most of our player movement such as holstering your weapon, peeking, crouching and more.

We are working hard to get a new Youtube video uploaded which will take place when we have finished the Seagrave Marauder ii mapping and texturing which we can hopefully finish upcoming week!

Thank you all for chugging along!




We are glad to announce that adam is temporary back, he has finished his main course of exams and will be taking a leave of absence around july when he has another exam.
Adam has been rewriting some of his older codes mainly the AI, improving the overal stability and making it even more advanced then what we had in the earlier stages.
Myself have been working allot on the Seagrave Marauder II, we have been nearing the final exterior phase which is adding all equipment of the exterior before we continue to mapping the entire truck, exciting times!
Included are some renders of the Seagrave Marauder II, we have tried to do some quality renders of the new lightbars but we couldn't get the glass material working in the renderer so you'll have to wait till we have that textured!
We are also aware of the huge confusion around the split and what the plans are of Responding for the future and if there are any changes regarding gameplay, this all will be cover in an article on the website very soon!
The support last couple of weeks have been insane, we have hit 2600 likes on facebook which is awesome!
Thank you all and stay safe!




It's been a great week, we have made allot of progress on the Seagrave Marauder II and will be adding more details to the engine during the weekend and then start mapping the exterior of the vehicle.
After the mapping we will be creating 4K textures for the exterior when that is finished we will be adding an interior and all the equipment.
Here are 3 Renders of the sides and the front of the engine, look forward to more renders of the Seagrave upcoming week!
Have a great weekend!





Whatsup everybody,

This week we have focused on the Seagrave Marauder II, but we don't want to show the same gray vehicle week in week out so here are some screenshots of old vehicles some of you haven't seen yet, they all need allot of work before they are finalized, such as textures or just finishing the modeling this all is very time consuming.

The screenshots where NOT taken with the new shaders, no worries once a vehicle is finished we are creating a detailed video with the new shaders.

Have a great weekend!




We have a placeholder for our FDNY FireFighter, this is just so we have something to work with and we can show off mechanics with animations, the entire model will be replaced by a higher detailed firefighter with more accesories.




We hope you've all had an excellent week and an amazing weekend!
This week as you've all seen we have been working on the Seagrave Marauder II and we have continued development throughout the week, this is how we are looking current day.

We are striving to finish the model upcoming week and to get it working in game the week after.

Have a good weekend!





Whatsup everybody,
After a very productive week and planning we have decided to create a FDNY Showcase video, the development on this has been started which are mainly the vehicles where we have included some images off, both of the engines are in early development, we are hoping to finish them upcoming week.

For next week we have the ladder planned and the battalion, throughout the week we will try to post updates from the vehicles, If you want to see exclusive updates you can pre-order to gain acces to exclusive updates and content on the forums.

Thank you all for the incredible support, it's a good motivator to keep the development going!






Big Change

After almost 2 weeks of silence on social media we can now finally talk about the situation that has been going on. Rafael has not been present anywhere in game development this was due to his inactivity in the past year where we did all of the game development and managed the whole project on social media and various other platforms.

3 weeks ago Rafael returned which caused a dispute in the team. Rafael has "EmergeNYC" and "FlipSwitchGames" trademarked, which we respect.

We have decided to change our project name to "Responding" and our studio name will be "Visionary" as you can see all of our platforms are changed to responding. This page is no longer affiliated with FlipSwitchGames or EmergeNYC, we no longer represent EmergeNYC's product.

Our game concept thought hasn't really changed, we will create the same awesome game as before just with a different skin.

We will be posting content of the past 2 weeks in the upcoming days.

Kind Regards,
Sander "DySands"