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We have a placeholder for our FDNY FireFighter, this is just so we have something to work with and we can show off mechanics with animations, the entire model will be replaced by a higher detailed firefighter with more accesories.




Exterior Garage

The past 2 weeks we have been (as usual) very busy, however this time in a good way busy, we have been working allot on the city itself such as one of the NYPD garages, Traffic lights and signs and other city assets.

Engine wise we are still busy with getting better performance for the game which has been very succesful, we have also been adding our callout system, which still needs loads of work before we can showcase this.

We have also expanded our social media platforms, updated our IndieDB page and we created our Twitter page which you can both follow for exclusive updates.


Image of the NYPD Garage (note this is still a work in progress)



Keep an eye out for our youtube channel, we will be posting a video covering our vehicle customization soon!


Big Change

After almost 2 weeks of silence on social media we can now finally talk about the situation that has been going on. Rafael has not been present anywhere in game development this was due to his inactivity in the past year where we did all of the game development and managed the whole project on social media and various other platforms.

3 weeks ago Rafael returned which caused a dispute in the team. Rafael has "EmergeNYC" and "FlipSwitchGames" trademarked, which we respect.

We have decided to change our project name to "Responding" and our studio name will be "Visionary" as you can see all of our platforms are changed to responding. This page is no longer affiliated with FlipSwitchGames or EmergeNYC, we no longer represent EmergeNYC's product.

Our game concept thought hasn't really changed, we will create the same awesome game as before just with a different skin.

We will be posting content of the past 2 weeks in the upcoming days.

Kind Regards,
Sander "DySands"