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  3. Callouts

    Yes there will be a large variety of dynamic callouts,
  4. Callouts

    Question, will there be a variety of unique callouts? i understand that some games have very bland callouts that are repetitive.
  5. Traffic

    This will depend on the performance impact of the traffic.. But pushing for dense traffic such as real life.
  6. Traffic

    Hello, I have a question regarding the AI traffic. Will their be dense traffic or random traffic jams as a regular NY highway would be.
  7. Roads

    No worries, The map has interstates, highways and freeways. I will also soon be showing the updated map and progress.
  8. Traffic stops

    Hello, Yes playing as any police officer role you will be able to stop all vehicles or pedestrian, information can be obtained from the DAS system which can be accessed by mobile phone, tablet or an MDC. There will be a physical functioning radar unit in the vehicle and the ability to use an UI element. I Hope this answered your question.
  9. Roads

    Hey, me again, sorry for all these questions just really interested... Anyway, just wanted to know if we are are going to have highways/freeways in the game other then the city. Considering we are going to have NYSP... This would make sense.
  10. Traffic stops

    Hey, so just wanted to know how the traffic stops will work. First off will we have traffic stops? Second will we have built in car radar for NYSP? Will the traffic stops be able to be preformed at leisure? Lastly, will it be fully ineradicable IE. Get Info go back to car, write ticket for offense in penal code give ticket... Ect Ect
  11. Are you ready to respond? Check out the new led lighting system, this complex system allows the player to fully customize their emergency lights on their desired patrol car. In this case we are using the New York State Police Chevrette Canis. The way the lighting system is made allows the player to have full control over each individual led, by being able to manipulate the color, when the desired light flashes, for how long it stays on after being enabled, if it flashes double on a single instance and the time it takes before the next led flashes. The patterns currently don't have a length limit and can be as complex as the player desires. What pattern would you make or recreate? youtu.be/fky3XY9eYkU
  12. Bullet Ballistics

    Hello Responders! Today I bring to you a video containing the current state of the bullet ballistics in Responding, everything in the video is still very much in a primitive state and will see a lot more improvements, features and complexity's. The bullet ballistics are already fairly complex as each material contains unique parameters specific to the material type, these parameters contain information such as the velocity that gets drawn from the bullet by "X" amount of mass (which is the size of the object), the angle the bullet needs to penetrate or to ricochet. But that is not all! There are plans for destruction in the world of Responding but this is yet to be developed as I turn my focus on the different aspects of development such as customization, AI, the environment and much much more! - DySands
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