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    YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING AWESOME!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I mean it, to continue on developing the game after all that's been going on. You guys have got balls of freakin' STEEL! And even if all this crap hadn't happened you're still very good at what you do! The models and textures are high quality, your map concept looks epic, and, from what I've heard the A.I. is going to be amazing! I'm really glad I preordered the Ultimate Edition, cos' I can't wait to play with you guys! Best of luck, mca0004.
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    First news post.

    we have been working on the Police side of Emergenyc for about 5 months now and have made allot of progress with it, stable vehicle functions such as lighting, sirens, collisions, pull-over and more, but before we think this is alpha worthy it has to come with some solid call-outs and traffic stop functions so that is what the team has been focusing on the past few weeks programming wise. While Sander has been modeling allot of city assets such as buildings, traffic lights, streets and more detailed assets anthony has been working on prototyping the full-map which we will be finished in the near future, once this city is at a reasonable size we can implement this in the game and possibly get an alpha build. Building Example: The development team has also been blown away by how fast our new youtube channel has grown, in under 24 hours we hit 100 subscribers which is amazing to us! If you haven't already subscribed click here. Thank you all for your support!
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    Exterior Garage

    The past 2 weeks we have been (as usual) very busy, however this time in a good way busy, we have been working allot on the city itself such as one of the NYPD garages, Traffic lights and signs and other city assets. Engine wise we are still busy with getting better performance for the game which has been very succesful, we have also been adding our callout system, which still needs loads of work before we can showcase this. We have also expanded our social media platforms, updated our IndieDB page and we created our Twitter page which you can both follow for exclusive updates. Image of the NYPD Garage (note this is still a work in progress) Keep an eye out for our youtube channel, we will be posting a video covering our vehicle customization soon!
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    Youtube Update

    We recently created an official youtube channel, if you want to stay up-to date with the newest videos you should subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIkxgQF129ElLKyeEfLWMTA
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    I guess it is now time to forget about all this and to move on. Every side had made clear its point of view and there is no need to get deeper into all this shit. Visionary is going to do what they do while flipswitch is going to do their stuff. In the future we will see by ourselfs who is going to fullfill our expectations and so on. We all should try to concentrate on the real important stuff. Decisions are done and now we all have to live with those decisions. There is no need to get into a spiral of hate and more hate!
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    Whatsup everybody, After a very productive week and planning we have decided to create a FDNY Showcase video, the development on this has been started which are mainly the vehicles where we have included some images off, both of the engines are in early development, we are hoping to finish them upcoming week. For next week we have the ladder planned and the battalion, throughout the week we will try to post updates from the vehicles, If you want to see exclusive updates you can pre-order to gain acces to exclusive updates and content on the forums. Thank you all for the incredible support, it's a good motivator to keep the development going!
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    Where will we go.

    You know what? If you wanna play dirty go outside and jump into a sandbox or a sewer but dont you ever come in here an behave like that! Mr. Fernandez has done other shady things in the past and now he had done something that he got the bill for. If you dont like how things turned out, ok, but dont you dare to act like that. It wasnt the failure of Adam nor Sanders. You think youre better of with Raf, ok go on and leave in silence.
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    I've never really held out much faith with them. They stated they had millions so would not be doing a Kickstarter, they said they would only have in-house paid developers because they have millions. Now they are doing a recruitment drive for programmers. Also if you have ever looked at the topic on their website where they show new things they've made, it's obviously not made by them, because they've uploaded so many duplicate items they've developed and all look completely different, made in a different way. I won't be donating because I don't think they even develop the game, I have no faith in what they are doing anymore, especially after calling out a Project which has been in development for years, if anything Police 1013 is a copy of Modern Law.
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    Debuting a new EmergeNYC feature. Smoke and Fire is affected by its surroundings. Check it out! Stay tuned for our Fire Mechanics Video coming soon! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apQOu1rG_C4&feature=youtu.be
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    5 New Screenshots!

    The only time you will see the streets empty. We have just spent the last few weeks transferring our project over to the new and updated Unity 5 game engine. This comes with many new features and updates that will positively benefit the game. There is so much more we can do with Unity 5. Read more about Unity 5 here: http://unity3d.com/5 However a lot of the graphics and visuals you see are not final as we are still experimenting with different shaders and effects in the new game engine. A lot of you wanted to see some of the city and inside of one of the firehouse. Perfect time to showcase the new streets!
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    Fire out the windows on the top floor, as the second truck company to arrive, what is your tool of choice?
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    Ultimate now ordered

    Pleased to say I have now ordered the ultimate copy, keep up the good work guys.
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    The best product of this year will be mine !! MOUAHAHAH..oh well.. in my computer :x I'm so excited by thinking we gonna have the alpha soon !! °.° well maybe in 3-4 month isn't it in good way ? must change to ultimate supporter soon when money come to paypal :3
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    We hope you've all had an excellent week and an amazing weekend! This week as you've all seen we have been working on the Seagrave Marauder II and we have continued development throughout the week, this is how we are looking current day. We are striving to finish the model upcoming week and to get it working in game the week after. Have a good weekend!
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    Where will we go.

    Dear Mister Frizzyboygetcah Here you are your answer for your behavior. This is not stealing. They only changer the name game to responding for some reasons than apparently you can't understand with your little brain. This will be always the same project of emergeNYC. Just the name change. Don't buy responding ? WHY ? because you can't understand than there were some troubles and they do their best to continue ? man really... stop it you look like a ... a what ?... nothing can describe your horror. AHAHAHAH MY GODNESSSSS. I hope you are kidding ? well really ... "Responding" as you said is Responding. LCPDFR is LCPDFR. There isn't the same game logic, maps, options, graphics, gameplay and more. If I were on your place you should really buy a brain. Have fun waiting the game and you will see than you are going to be happy. Kindness regards Miguel
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    It's been a while since we have done a blog, this is because we have gotten unbelievably busy again, but busy is good! So me personally have been focusing on the MDC, Impala and city assets these past few weeks, we have showed off the new Police Sedan in a video, it was awesome to see the community come alive on that video! This weekend we are starting the development of New York City, we are moving away from all of our place-holders, this is very exciting because this means that we can really show off the level of detail we are aiming for with EmergeNYC. We are also having website maintenance this weekend so there is a small possibility that we are being offline for a short period of time but we will put updates on this on our facebook and twitter! If you are interested in small teasers of assets that are being created we have started a topic on the forums especially for that, we will do updates at least once a week so keep an eye on that! The amount of support we have gotten from every single one of you has been a great motivation for us to work even harder, each pre-order and comment goes a very long way and is very much appreciated! Thank you all! Kind regards, DySands
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    Game Teasers

    How is everybody doing? So i recently decided to give the whole forums some small teasers here and there, this topic will be dedicated to that, where i will be posting randomly some of my work and maybe even adams work in small images, gifs and other formats. This is one of our laptops and i have been keeping my head wrapped around this one for a while now, glad it's close to being finished! https://gyazo.com/b6ec63ef5cf77d2a8615f1a2dd2bc68a Kind Regards, DySands
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    F.D.N.Y. Customization?

    As the big Fire Buff on the development team, customization sadly would be pointless for the Fire Department vehicles. Police vehicles the player will spend most of their time patrolling and outfitting their semi-personal vehicles to their liking, however the FDNY Apparatus are more of a group vehicle and don't offer much opportunity for customization. FDNY Apparatus (depending on the year of their production) are all outfitted with the same spec lights, sirens, and build. Companies do however personally outfit their rigs with decorations and different things like that. New York City Fire trucks often sport Christmas lights and reefs during the holidays, American flags and other banners, so these are things that we could possibly consider as default or for holiday updates!
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    Vehicle Showcases

    We have started a new playlist on our youtube channel where each time that we showcase a new vehicle you can easily find it there. We hope everybody enjoys these as much as we do! Thank you for the awesome support, we couldn't do this without any of you!
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    I don't think ill donate as the devs of police 10-13 really don't seem to have a plan, and they've been saying stuff that probably aren't all that truthful in my opinion. Plus Emergenyc is going to be a zillion times better anyways, LONG LAST EMERGENYC!!!!!!!
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    Gear, FDNY Ideas

    Rolecall Testing equipment FDNY Academy Bunker Gear Customization (Name) Company Assignments (Chauffeur, Nozzleman, Can, etc.) Rope Rescues Building Collapses Relocations Reserve Units (if our apparatus get wrecked) Ability to call more units Ai thinking Station Customization Custom truck nicknames/decals (Windshield or Side of Ladder) AI interaction Probie Hazing Company Selection
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    EmergeNYC FAQ's

    Frequently Asked Questions When is the game being released? As of now, there is no set release date. We'd rather release something we feel happy with and that is polished enough to meet the expectations we've set for ourselves. How many people are working on the game? We have a lead developer, Adam, that is working on the game day in and day out. On the side, we have four to five modelers that have assisted in the making of the vehicle models, player models, vehicle textures, and so on. How big is the map? For early access, the map will be 44 blocks. Once the full game is released, the map will be around 200 blocks. The west and east sides of the map will be river edges just like in Manhattan (Hudson and East River). We have decided to split the island up into 3 different sections. Uptown (Harlem), Midtown, and Downtown will offer a real life perspective on Manhattan. How much customization will there be in the game? We are hoping to implement a system where the player is able to customize their firefighter, police officer, and EMT/paramedic to their liking. The customization within this system will allow you to edit the name on the back of your bunker coat, name plate, player race, and more. Another customization feature that will be included within the game is the ability to change the flash patterns on the lights of police vehicles. What type of sirens will be included? The two sirens that are going to be included are the PA300 and the EQ2B. What are the system requirements? At this stage in development we can not yet tell what requirements are going to be needed to run EmergeNYC. Will the game have multiplayer? Multiplayer will be a very fun and unique experience. We are planning on having dedicated servers that will have player slots ranging from 10 all the way up to 32. Within the game, players will have the option to choose between being a firefighter, police officer, or EMT/paramedic. If the server isn't full, the rest of the positions will be handed off to the AI. For example, if you have 10 people playing as firefighters in a 10 slot server, the police officers, EMT's/paramedics, and remainder of the firefighters will be AI controlled. How will singleplayer work? When you enter singleplayer, you will be able to choose what department you want to be apart of and what rank you want to take the role of. Fore example, a lieutenant in the police department will have more responsibilities than a normal police officer. You will have fellow AI police officers or firefighters working beside you. If you decide to take the role of a chief, you will be in charge of your units and how they operate. However, if you decide to be a police officer or firefighter, you'll be the one taking orders. There will be no "missions" in the singleplayer or multiplayer experience. All events will be occurring in the world around you at any time. One moment you could be getting a hot dog from a street vendor, and the next moment you could be responding to an armed robbery. Will it be first person or third person? There will be both first and third person. Will any downloadable content be released? We definitely have plans for DLC's later on. Will we be able to enter buildings? Yes. Most buildings will have the option to be entered. With sky scrapers, you will only have access to certain floors. [notice]This thread will be updated from time to time with new frequently asked questions. Last Edited - October 13th, 2015[/notice]
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=At_MVk3Ud-E Hey guys, we would like to present our first 2015 media update. This is video is solely to demonstrate lighting effects and patterns that can be created with the Unity Engine+EmergeNYC's base mechanics. This video is a predecessor to our Fire Mechanics video coming soon. None of the patterns, vehicles, or anything else you see in this video are final and are all merely pre-alpha concepts.
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    Since we have nearly reached our 1000 Likes on facebook goal, here are some early WIP shots of our firefighter clothing ranging from firehouse apparel to full suited up for a job. Stay tuned on our forums! Also a WIP shot of our new 66 Truck! http://forum.emergenycgame.com/
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    While we continue work on our Fire Department mechanics, we have also taken some time to improve our basic character controller with more fluid animations and movement. We have also added jumping over certain obstacles.
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    Structure Fires

    Most buildings will have the option to be entered, some at least a floors. Can't say much more as we will be revealing that information later on.
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    Taking my driving test in November!

    This is pretty awesome. I've been working hard all year and finally I've reached to an extremely high standard of driving and I'm able to take the test in England. It's pretty awesome! Hopefully I can get my test done as soon as possible and drive on my own. And something I've realized along the way; no matter how big the goal is you need to break it up into small chunks and take it easy instead of doing everything in one. Cheers for reading!
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    what weighs more?!?!?!

    A ton of feathers, because you will have to carry the weight of those poor chickens you killed.
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    Hello all, Today we are showing 2 teaser images of something that we will show sunday, we have moved the friday update to sunday this way we can make allot of progress in the weekend and show something more interesting on the sunday's. But we didn't want everyone to get bored of our customization video so here are 2 screenshots of something that will be shown of sunday! Keep in mind this is not the finished product! Thank you all for the awesome support on the new customization video, it has motivated us to create more content!
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    Our new video is now live! It covers our Message board which has 8 presets that are fully customizable! We hope you enjoy it!
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    Youtube Update

    I won't be giving out any information regarding the first video but what i can say is that it will take place in the map.
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    Obviously you can't learn or can't read since i did already warn you. Engine81 has been banned for 30 days, if you continue your behavior after the 30 days you will be banned for 90 days. Kind regards, DySands
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    Me: The situation is getting worse, what should I do? Voice in my head: Throw more Thomas The Tank Engine songs at them! Me: Right! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20m8Gz1Do8s
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    You look like a bite retarded buddy. You really don't know the story. It's really easy to write it isn't it ? how could guys like you come here and write that shit ? Maybe they take time to make "a police car" or "a parking garage" as you said before but you are a real dumbass. Why it takes time ? yeah you don't know what modelisation is. So before speaking about the work of others, learn to know what they must do ! FREE firefigter model ? AHAHAHHA FUCKING KIDDING ME. He's making a CUSTOM MODEL. Not a bought model. Yeah you know what ? let's show us what you can do YOU ?! You don't know nothing. Please just shut up and turn off your brain. You don't need it. Oh and forget, go f*ck yourself. Dysand sorry for my bad language i will accept to be warned, but couldn't close my "mouth" for a guy like him. That disapointed me. You, developers make a great job !
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    FDNY FireFighter Placeholder

    We have a placeholder for our FDNY FireFighter, this is just so we have something to work with and we can show off mechanics with animations, the entire model will be replaced by a higher detailed firefighter with more accesories.
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    It's awesome to hear you love what we are doing and are really glad it is that way, it's a real motivation to have people such as you behind us that support and appreciate all of our hard work! Thank you for this! DySands
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    Where will we go.

    Frizzy, if you think the game is terrible and you hate it and the devs and everything. may i ask you 1 question? w*f are you doing here? you think we care about your hateful opinion? if you had a straight opinion about the game then okay feel free to say your mind but this? this is just hate and we and the devs can do nothing with hate. so as scoobz said. go play in a sandbox.
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    Where will we go.

    As you can see you have been warned after 3 non official warnings, you will have a forum restriction for 20 days, if you get 2 more warnings you will be banned for 60 days. And just to clarify again we didn't take the idea from anybody we made the idea, never heard of manhattenModifications in my life, but ofcourse you know the real story coming straight from rafael. Have a nice day.
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    EmergeNYC Fansite Germany

    Awesome to see that we have a fansite and i love the dedication! It looks very well made in my opinion, we will be contacting you to make sure the information about EmergeNYC is accurate. Keep up the great work and you are good with using the images, they are all a bit outdated but there is no issue. kind regards, DySands
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    Hey @Trust37 , Thanks for your interest and we would love to see the fan site when its ready! https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1463122103932803.1073741828.1463051017273245&type=3 Check our Facebook page, we have uploaded most of our development shots on there. Also check out the development screenshots thread for more HQ Photos! http://www.emergenyc.net/forum/index.php?/topic/8-development-screenshots/&page=4#comment-934
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    Scale of incidents

    Yes as a police officer you play as 1 person, on the FDNY you can change as shown on the mechanical video, this way you can experience everything on the FD, for the PD this is not needed since you have full control on what you are doing. I hope this cleared it up a bit
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    ODST General

    Favorite Youtuber!

    Probably have to go with Devildog Gamer, Jeff Faviagno, Northern Alex, and ERB at the moment. Although from time to find I find someone else who I really like and kind of get away from the others.
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    Build the Community!

    With something like this, game development. You aren't necessarily going to attract a lot of posters at the current pre-alpha stage. There is only so much that can be discussed about a game and suggested before it all becomes a bit... repetitive. However when the Alpha drops and the members who was in the Kickstarter get in-game and create video's and all, then it opens the doors to all kinds of discussions. For the developers to focus on expanding the community at this point in time would be in most cases a waste of resources, as it's not going to bring many members in. What's going to bring them in, is the product they are developing. All good things come to those who wait.
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    We won't be using either of those programs, there will be a possibility for dedicated hosting or to join a client, this means that you can start your server by downloading the server or by opening up a client server ingame where your friends can join you without hosting a server, this is similair to Gta 5's system, we chose to go for both ways so that clans can have a dedicated server and when you just want to play with a small amount of people you can join eachother without allot of trouble. The alpha will be only for donators and backers that backed the kickstarter, you can still enter in the first versions of the closed alpha by donating for the rewards you can click here I hope that i answered all of your questions and thank you for your support
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    First news post.

    The Dev Blog is a brilliant idea. I look forward to seeing how this game progresses.
  46. 2 points

    Build the Community!

    Hey Matt! We are trying your bests at the moment, but right now we are primarily focusing on the game itself. Getting our game out there is a hard thing to do, but we are seriously thinking of effective ways to do so. YouTube Channel ads sound like a good idea, but its probably too expensive for us. We will figure something out, don't worry! And thanks for being around.
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    Gear, FDNY Ideas

    Probie Hazing xD
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    Kansas City Firefighters LODD

    We are very sorry to hear about the two firefighters that were killed in Kansas City last night after saving two lives. The EmergeNYC staff team offers their deepest condolences to the family and friends of firefighters Larry J. Leggio and John V. Mesh. May them rest in peace. Due to both of their bravery and heroic acts, they will be honored within the game.
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    Map Size

    The map is currently 44 blocks and we are currently planning to keep roughly that size. The west and east sides of the map will be river edges just as real life Manhattan is (Hudson, and East River) We have decided to split up the Island into 3 parts, Uptown (Harlem), Midtown and Downtown giving a different retrospect in each area. We can't say too much right now but the map is a decent size.
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    Cool game but..

    Mitchy is right. At the minute, the team will hopefully release an early version of the game sometime in Summer / Autumn (Fall) 2015. A decent game doesn't take a week to make.