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    We'll see. Actually if I bought a Big Mac I would have the right to tell someone it's MY big mac, and I could throw it on the ground or burn it or do whatever I wanted to it. Same goes for anything else on the market.

    It wasn't bought! It is free content and they took the liberty of saying it is theirs. Why even show off a place holder if it isn't even going to be used in the game. That statement is irrelevant as Flipswitch owns the rights to the content because they PURCHASED it. "Responding" didn't! That's where I don't understand how you cannot see how you are being taken advantage of and your money being wasted on this "GAME". As am I, but you are obviously ill-informed.

    I look retarded.. might wanna check your grammar bud. It is very hard trying to understand you trying to insult me lol. And you do? Please enlighten me! And FYI I do know how to model and the process of creating content; if you'd like to see my work feel free to PM me! I'd be very willing to shut your mouth for you. You are obviously oblivious to the fact that it is not a custom model, but a re-work of the free one. Kind Regards, Engine81

    I know both sides of the story, trust me. After all of Adam's scripts were reviewed by professionals, they were determined to be extremely inefficient and unprofessional so they have already been replaced with much better working mechanics. FlipSwitch has made more progress since they separated from you two than you both have made in months. The past progress that you made? Was what? A police car and a parking garage and some guns? Great job! As well as showing off a FREE firefighter model that you didn't even make, what? You can't afford one with the hundreds of dollars of pre-order money that is pouring in? You can act so perfect but don't act like you don't post pictures on your Snapchat of marijuana that you have probably purchased with money from your supporters. And last I saw Adam goes to parties too. If you're going to represent a huge project like this, at least learn proper capitalization and grammar. That is one thing that you definitely need to work on. Kind regards, Engine81

    You guys obviously don't know what really happened and refuse to accept the reality of the situation. Visionary tried to steal the idea for this game from Flipswitch Games. Since the breakoff, Visionary has produced very little progress and it has been proven they use other people's work and claim it as their own. Flipswitch however has produced 100% genuine content that has all been made by the company or the rights have been bought from the creator. It's sad that people like you don't realize the scam you are being played into. Flipswitch Games has done MULTIPLE trips to NYC to try to achieve accuracy and perfection. These guys have no experience with any kind of emergency service. The real progress is being made by Flipswitch Games. AND NO Raf did not scam anyone, if you opened your eyes and saw the work that has been completed you would realize where your money has gone.
  6. Were is the weekly update on Facebook?

    Whining will not be tolerated on this forum. The developers work very hard and sometimes things come up where they cannot post updates. Don't let it happen again.
  7. Fireground interactiveness

    Probably not Jeffrey.
  8. They just keep coming!

  9. Looking at where the game is at now, send us some new suggestions and feedback here --> http://forum.emergenycgame.com/forum/16-suggestions-feedback/