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  1. I give up, it doesn't work. I'm waiting for a more advanced version of Responding
  2. I have the same error. Maybe the reason is because the config file is missing in the zip?
  3. New launcher doesn't start

    I can't login. Error message: Already logged in via another PC! Please log out of that session first to login to this machine and session!
  4. After typing in my username, password and key and press the start button, the launcher close and nothing happens
  5. I like all 3 departments but i've voted for NYFD
  6. Kickstarter content

    As a $100 kickstarter backer we also receive the special weapon skins and special cosmetic features?
  7. Payment options

    Will there be more payment options for donation in the future, like moneybookers aka skrill? Because i don't have paypal.
  8. Weekly Updates, Every Friday.

    Link doesn't work for me, but i follow you on facebook, so i have seen the update already Edit: Link now working for me