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Everything posted by stuffjunk

  1. Traffic AI, redirecting traffic

    As long as it's more intelligent than the GTA series traffic AI i'm fine lol.
  2. Scale of incidents

    Was the police and EMS going to be too much work?
  3. Pray For Paris

    Rest in Peace to the 120+ victims of the 11/13/15 terrorist attacks on Paris!
  4. Gear, FDNY Ideas

    Probie Hazing xD
  5. Kansas City Firefighters LODD

    Rest In Peace!
  6. Water rescue

    Help! i'm drowning in the sewer!!!
  7. Driving

    Good, that means the police/fire/ems won't run you over and kill you when arriving on scene xD.
  8. Is the game still in development?

    Yeah it is, they're just taking their time to make sure it's as awesome as possible .
  9. release date

    Do the makers even have a remote idea on when the alpha or first build will be released?
  10. Map Size

    Question, will manual horn and siren control be added :3? Then responding in traffic will reaallyy be fun lol.