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  1. Map Size

    The map edges worry me a little too but the size is staggering - I wasn't imagining anything near that! Good job guys!
  2. Multiplayer Levelling

    I agree completely - as long as all promotions are optional and/or reversible. I don't mind having a career ladder to climb as a Police Officer but I don't wanna get promoted to ESU and then feel unable to patrol like a regular street cop.
  3. Multiplayer Levelling

    So, a big thing that you guys are peddling as a feature right now - and I appreciate that information is limited - regarding multiplayer is that we play and level a single specific character. I have no problem with this feature itself, in fact, I love it. But... Will there only be a single character? I.e, if someone levels a Cop, are they stuck as a cop unless they delete and restart? Or will we have one character for each service? My concern is that people will effectively miss two parts of the game on MP, clearly if they choose not to play the other services that's their prerogative, but the option should be there, shouldn't it?