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    I guess it is now time to forget about all this and to move on. Every side had made clear its point of view and there is no need to get deeper into all this shit. Visionary is going to do what they do while flipswitch is going to do their stuff. In the future we will see by ourselfs who is going to fullfill our expectations and so on. We all should try to concentrate on the real important stuff. Decisions are done and now we all have to live with those decisions. There is no need to get into a spiral of hate and more hate!
  2. Where will we go.

    You know what? If you wanna play dirty go outside and jump into a sandbox or a sewer but dont you ever come in here an behave like that! Mr. Fernandez has done other shady things in the past and now he had done something that he got the bill for. If you dont like how things turned out, ok, but dont you dare to act like that. It wasnt the failure of Adam nor Sanders. You think youre better of with Raf, ok go on and leave in silence.
  3. My my my, those news really do suck. -.-


  4. Game Teasers

    If you need detail pictures of the RAM MDT Mount used in Crown Vics (altough i dont know if they are used in nyc) just tell me. ;P
  5. Scale of incidents

    Let me get this straight. As a Police Officer you are bound to one "person". Playing as a firefighter is different then? Im sorry, but its a little bit confusing right now. ^^
  6. Game Teasers

    Looks like its inspired by panasonics toughbook. CF-19?
  7. EMT and paramedic questions

    In most cases there are different types of EMT´s. For example a EMT-B (Basic), a EMT-A (Advanced) and last but not least the EMT-P (Paramedic). This differs from state to state but in the end its all the very same. Even if Basic EMT´s and Paramedics do have different skills they of course do the same type of work. So its not such a big difference indeed. In my company we are all EMT´s, no matter what type of qualification one has. We all do the same work. We are brothers and sisters! Period.
  8. Where are my badges (rewards) at? And where can i find how much i allready donated? Maybe i am to stupid to find. XD

    1. DySands


      currently we are still working on our system of rewards, we will put a public post when we have that system finished!

    2. RayDaBeast


      Haha I was wondering the same thing xD

  9. Your opinion about the new website?

    The base page is absolutly what it should be like. Not to much information when it opens uo, eye catching and very good implemented. As far as i goes for me i am totally satisfied.
  10. Looking great so far. Nice work guys. ;)

    1. DySands


      Thank you! Appreciate the feedback!

    2. Scoobz187


      Well it looks much more professionell then before and has a more complete feeling. Go ahead  and keep us amazed guys. ;P

    3. DySands


      Hahaha we will definently do that!

  11. Something great is comming up next week? Ohh i am excited as hell ^^

  12. Im so in the mood, so so in the mood for some alpha testin.....*sing* ;) ^^

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    2. adamb910


      its okay :) thanks though, i really appreciate it! How was your trip btw?

    3. Scoobz187


      It was good as usual. Had lots of fun and met some new and interessting people. ^^

    4. adamb910
  13. What happend to all those posts? o.O

    1. adamb910


      new community manager cleaned up!

    2. Scoobz187


      Hmm not very exited about that. But it is what it is. How you´ve been Adam? Doing fine?

    3. adamb910


      Hey, yeah sorry for the late reply! Yeah i'm doing fine, working on the game as usual. Hope to get some cool stuff out soon!

  14. Some people dont know how to behave.....

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    2. Scoobz187


      Its not about you dude, thats for shure. Its about someone who his not familiar with community rules as it seems. ;)

    3. adamb910


      yeah i think i know.

    4. Scoobz187
  15. Ding dong, im back from the states. :)