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jeffrey calhoun

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  1. Is it possible if you can unblock me from the Emergenyc Facebook page? 

  2. Will we have radios and radio straps as a firefighter?, Will we be able to slide down poles?, Will we be able to just put on our pants on a medical call, When will we see more of the firehouse and police precinct?, And when will we see the MDC video and a police mechanics video? 

  3. Firefighters

    Will we be able to make things on our character small and big?
  4. Firefighters

    How will we be able to get all the firefighters to the truck we want to just ride around the city?
  5. Gear, FDNY Ideas

    Ohhh ok cool, what are you guys doing right now to spread the word about the game?
  6. Gear, FDNY Ideas

    Ohhh ok, keep up the good work.
  7. Gear, FDNY Ideas

    Is there any way you guys can put this game on the ps4, if not why?
  8. Gear, FDNY Ideas

    Love all your ideas and I hope they put them in the game.
  9. Were is the weekly update on Facebook?

    Mybad just wondering were it was and are u even a developer?
  10. Were is the weekly update on Facebook?

  11. Were is the weekly update on Facebook?

    It's all good
  12. Were is the weekly update on Facebook?

    I waited all week and to not have it is a big disappointment to me.
  13. MDC

    yes and no because you guys said MDC in your weekly update either 1 or 2 weeks ago on Facebook, and ok, sorry about that and keep up the good work.
  14. MDC

  15. MDC

    Will there be one in the firetrucks and medics?