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  1. Gear, FDNY Ideas

    Hey Jeffrey, Im not a staff member, but from what I've seen they are only releasing the game for pc, mac, and Linux. The most likely reason they aren't going to do it for anything else is probably because of the costs to buy disks and burn the game to them, that's also why they are only making a downloadable version of the game. But if they make enough profit when the game comes out, they might make it for ps4, but if they do that they're gonna have to make it for xbox, wii, and any other consoles that come out, so it will still be very costly and I believe since they are making the game themselves instead of a whole company making it, they have the right to do whatever they want with the game. it can go both ways, if you've ever played minecraft, that game was never even supposed to come out, but today its one of the most well known games in the world.
  2. Gear, FDNY Ideas

    over time your bunk gear gets worn making the player more vulnerable a rare chance of instead of getting a run from the dispatch center, a panicked civilian will run into the station and tell you whats going on after a player gets the initial call to respond, they will get more info as they are en-route box alarms that only give the player the general location of the emergency, they will then have to search for signs that it really occurred when the player is returning to the station or just taking the rigs out on a joy ride, they may encounter random events that require their help master streams on the Ariel ladders+ the ability to not just control the ladder, but to precisely mount it on a window
  3. Hey, so Emergenyc looks like its going swell, everybody is excited and eagerly awaiting new updates, and we all feel confident the team will totally blow us away with the game when it comes out, but, it might just be me, but I haven't seen much community growth, there is not many people who post on the forums, and there hasn't been much promotion of the game. How do you plan to help the community grow? I heard that Youtube is starting to have channel ads, you could produce t-shirts, and many other things too! Thanks for reading this and considering my concern.
  4. Pray For Paris

    R.I.P. to all victims of the Paris attacks, I hope we can catch whoever did this.
  5. Gear, FDNY Ideas

    Maybe also, when in a structure fire or just close enough to great source of heat, a bar could show up on screen to show your characters stamina, if the bar goes all the way down you pass out, other emergency personnel have a limited time to get to you before you gain extreme injuries or death. To keep the bar up you must take breaks to go out of the building or something like that, maybe an RAC unit could be added to the game for these situations, and the bar could also go up if you witness large explosions and collapses in the form of adrenaline.
  6. Gear, FDNY Ideas

    tons of calls that can happen nearly anywhere, anytime to give the game a more realistic view and so every call feels different keeping the game fun. nearly every single piece of equipment the FDNY uses should be available in the game, giving players options during critical times. ability to put on several different uniforms depending on the situation. (normal bunker gear, rope rappel gear, wetsuit, ect.) ability for captains and chiefs to give orders ability to switch between foam and water class A,B,C,D, and K fires. during hazmat operations and overdose medical emergencies you must determine what the substance was. some people will not get out of your way when in response like usual some of those people will road rage and totally flip out then you can call the police to arrest them. when on scene of a structure fire no entrapment, sometimes people will run back inside. arson investigation crowd control salvage after fires ability to check for extensions recreational activities in the station to entertain yourselves in between calls (pool, card games, TV, training, ect.) and of course REALISM!!! as much as possible.
  7. off map units

    oh, I thought there was going to be only 2 fire stations in the map, thanks!
  8. Editor/modding

    Cool, it will be interesting what the community will do with the game once its released.
  9. multiplayer servers

    Hi, im a little confused, when you say that multiplayer will allow people to play with up to 10-32 players, does that mean we need a minimum of 10 players, or will there be private multiplayer games too? thanks
  10. off map units

    so, say im playing, and there's a huge fire covering a large area, do we only have the few units on the map, or can we call units from different areas to? thanks.
  11. Editor/modding

    Hey, I remember seeing somewhere that the game will be modable, is this true? Will there be a map editor? similar to the one used by Emergency 4-5? Will it be easy to mod? and lastly, how will mods affect multiplayer? Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  12. Fireground interactiveness

    Hello, I have watched the fire mechanics video, it was really good, but it made think about a few things that weren't shown in the video, mainly I want to know if every single door, window, and wall will be interactive. Thanks.
  13. I'm wondering, will the player have the option to report a firefighter or officer down? if so, how will AI react?
  14. Firehouse

    Well, I'm not a staff member so can't give a definite answer, but probably. And I believe I saw something about the game being moddable so it should be easy to add it in yourself if they decide not to.
  15. Player injuries

    Thanks for the fast reply, and you've got a good point, I can remember a few times in SWAT it would be pretty frustrating to take what seemed like hours to go such a short distance.