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  1. what weighs more?!?!?!

    R.I.P. Chicken little. ):
  2. That's great! I remember that on most police games during the night I usually have crank up the brightness because I can't see anything, this is really gonna help with that!
  3. Store Information.

    How are you guys documenting who has what? and how secure is it?
  4. FDNY!!! just something about the variety of tools and stuff.
  5. I...... I...... I think.... I died long ago, and I'm in heaven. Hahaha, anyways, great video, I really love how the customization is set up. can't wait for the beta!
  6. website pictures

    The pictures are actually back up for me, must have just been my internet that day or something.
  7. website pictures

    Hey, so I just wanted to let you know that some pictures are not showing up on the home page of the website for me, not sure if y'all were doing construction on the website or something.
  8. new domain

    So I see that the forums are back up, good job guys! So how's it goin?
  9. Gee, how much detail can you put into one single model?!?!?! I hope the lights are just as good.
  10. Youtube Update

    just subscribed, hope to see some footage soon!
  11. Website fixes

    just wonderin, what does the secure certificate do?
  12. Pricing

    By summer! That's only a few months away! also, could you put the pre-orders on steam?

    I think that most people are just confused and looking at both sides of the situation trying to see a sign of which company is the "true" company and will actually finish the game, I think we should contact Jim sterling to give them a little extra push and win their trust. Later I think we should reach out towards the Northern Alex, he probably does not really know whats going on and would be happy to listen to our side of the story.