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  1. FDNY. It just seems like something that'll be more enjoyable, especially with Multiplayer.
  2. Hello Chaps, This isn't a serious issue as clicking on the Forums provide an error showing you don't have enough permissions to view it, but the Forum Categories for the Developers/Staff are visible when you are not signed in. I'm not sure whether it will allow you to view the topics themselves as that throws up an error, clicking on the category does. Just thought I'd make you guys aware of this in-case you didn't know and want to change it. - Ben

    I've followed this Project loads and I among a lot of my friends are looking forward to the game. YouTuber's who are unaware will more than likely come to understand the situation. Especially when more news comes out, with the progress the Developers make. I have faith in you guys, don't give up!
  4. Favorite Youtuber!

    I like KYRSpeedy, well... All of "The Crew" they make some pretty funny videos.
  5. I've never really held out much faith with them. They stated they had millions so would not be doing a Kickstarter, they said they would only have in-house paid developers because they have millions. Now they are doing a recruitment drive for programmers. Also if you have ever looked at the topic on their website where they show new things they've made, it's obviously not made by them, because they've uploaded so many duplicate items they've developed and all look completely different, made in a different way. I won't be donating because I don't think they even develop the game, I have no faith in what they are doing anymore, especially after calling out a Project which has been in development for years, if anything Police 1013 is a copy of Modern Law.
  6. Should we have a Teamspeak 3 Server

    Yes. You can but as I say, with a Forum post it's more to the point. It's something about TeamSpeak where when talking with people, it takes up fifty lines to get even a simple point across because people aren't as formal or to the point. The Developers are more than likely pretty busy Developing on a constant basis, and when they need to read over something suggested or communicated to them, I don't think they really have the time to sort through TeamSpeak logs. Instead they can use the Search Function on the Forums - get the information they need, then they are able to quickly get back to Developing the game. In all eventualities it's going to present more issues for the Developers to deal with, which they don't really need when they are developing the game.
  7. Should we have a Teamspeak 3 Server

    If you think about it, all it's going to do is present problems. Communication over the forums is more logical, everything is saved, easy to find and straight to the point, where as on a TeamSpeak server unless you save the TeamSpeak chat in a log you lose the whole conversation when you close TeamSpeak. This can result in some conversations being forgotten about due to the developers larger work load. I guess what I'm trying to say is, a TeamSpeak isn't really needed for community interaction, all that can be done through the Forums and is easy for the Developers.
  8. Build the Community!

    With something like this, game development. You aren't necessarily going to attract a lot of posters at the current pre-alpha stage. There is only so much that can be discussed about a game and suggested before it all becomes a bit... repetitive. However when the Alpha drops and the members who was in the Kickstarter get in-game and create video's and all, then it opens the doors to all kinds of discussions. For the developers to focus on expanding the community at this point in time would be in most cases a waste of resources, as it's not going to bring many members in. What's going to bring them in, is the product they are developing. All good things come to those who wait.
  9. Development blogs

    Nice, looking forward to what you guys have made, and what you are planning on doing.