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  1. Something popped up and I only just took note of this. Steam is doing some overhaul changes to Steam Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/greenlight/discussions/18446744073709551615/133256758580075301/ Wow.. I'll have to take a look at this properly.
  2. Possible copyright issue?

    Hey guys! Recently someone had brought up the topic of trademarks for the text itself (NYPD, FDNY, NYC, etc) can/will be a possible issue and the city may pursue action against it. Do you think changing the city name might be a good idea or keeping it and see how things go?
  3. This is pretty awesome. I've been working hard all year and finally I've reached to an extremely high standard of driving and I'm able to take the test in England. It's pretty awesome! Hopefully I can get my test done as soon as possible and drive on my own. And something I've realized along the way; no matter how big the goal is you need to break it up into small chunks and take it easy instead of doing everything in one. Cheers for reading!
  4. CUTE Duck video!

    d'awww! it's so cute! I want a duck now! >////<
  5. Blocked?

    I just want to clarify: I didn't say you have no reason to believe Rafeal's side of the story, I simply don't know the reasons and I stated as such. And I certainly didn't say don't judge this game while it is in development. Alright so lets get into the nitty-gritty. You say that you were sharing your opinion. Lets look at the screenshot: I'll state a couple of bullet points so we can get the key factors from your comment. *Responding came first in terms of development, previously named EmergeNYC. *Rafael, as far as I know, did not have much or any development of the game. He was Head of Press Release (PR). *Animations and models are produced by the very Devs on this forum. The way your original comment is structured makes anyone reading it believe that it is not an opinion, but you trying to state this as factual evidence. You were not blocked for stating your opinion. You were blocked for spreading uninformed and slanderous comments to other users. Hopefuly this clears up any confusion as to why you were punished. Context has been provided as to why he was excluded. He wasn't excluded because Visionary wanted fame for themselves, that's how it looks when you say it without context. Visionary had to act quick and put him down because he was about to ruin the forum, the facebook, all in the name of not wanting to pay the development team and having too much of a big fucking ego to admit he has no future plans for the game, just words. Concept's cant be stolen, that's why there are no copyrighted concepts.
  6. Blocked?

    *Rafael used majority or all the funds on himself instead of sharing it with the Devs. *Rafael was hardly on the forums as much as he claims. *He wanted full control over the project but lacked the necessary leadership and forward planning skills. *Absent for long periods of time and only checking back infrequently. *Claims to have no access to the invoice data from previous purchases, provides no evidence other than "DEY BAN'D ME!" Now this is just when shit hit the fan. Let's have a quick peek at their game, shall we? *Cosmetic upgrades and fixes (flags, opening and closing doors) *small functions added (mouse clicking near the ignition to start the engine. And finally the last addition to my fact list. Drum roll, please! *Multiplayer delayed the same as several other updates. The above happened because once again, no forward planning skills.
  7. Blocked?

    You're adding nothing of value here. You're just crying a Thames River with your tears. I do know what happened. Let me guess, you hear Rafael's version first then you assume he's right because... reasons? Wonderful.
  8. Blocked?

    This is absolutely golden. Not only does this picture provide massive amounts of context (thank you, you are bae DySands) but it shows OP's ignorance by miles. Believe me, if I was an admin on this website you would be perm. banned already. Since you are here, are you ready to apologize for your misinformed reply to another user?
  9. Blocked?

    Context is a wonderful thing, I wonder why there is none in your original post. Freedom of speech does not exist on private forums, etc. Only applies to the government. Not sharing what you wrote raises suspicion you've done something wrong in the first place. The dev team blocking you, for whatever reason, has no relation to their skills. Purchasing a game is not immunity from being blocked or banned.
  10. Voice Actors Needed!

    How's this been going? You guys full up on voice actors yet?
  11. Taking my driving test in November!

    XD yeah ReddieStripe, it's like an exam.
  12. Taking my driving test in November!

    That's awesome DySands, what kind of motorbike you thinking of riding? I personally prefer the look of a Kawasaki. Ayy ReddieStripe, you're looking pretty cool and chilled in your picture. My picture looks like a mugshot lol I like your license it looks better than my green one.
  13. I really like the pictures that are up on Facebook, the hype is real!

    1. DySands


      We are happy to hear that!

  14. FDNY. I love Firefighter 2014 and I could play the freeplay in that game for hours on end, I can't imagine the possibilities that will come with this game being much more better and adding on to the Firefighter's perspective.
  15. Ultimate now ordered

    Good to have you onboard! Welcome to the crew.
  16. Just wanted to get this off my chest.

    Has my order been changed to Responding too? I definitely don't want EmergeNYC after all the shit they did.
  17. Thomas The Tank Engine, UK or US?

    There is a US dub? What the? But to answer the question, I've only known the British version of it, and it's pretty good.
  18. Donation link/button?

    Hi there, while I've recently joined as a newly member I've been following this simulator and another for quite a while now and I've decided to support this game finacially. Although I notice there is a store feature, is that the only way to "donate" per-se? Or is there a donation button I'm not seeing? Cheers for the help. I can barely contain my exceitment for Q2!
  19. Nachos!

    Gotta paitently wait now. The fire is always rising and so is the tension!