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  1. CUTE Duck video!

    aww i want one too
  2. NYPD no questions asked
  3. Ultimate now ordered

    Good choice!:)
  4. Check up

    Hope you like it
  5. Shoutout to Benjamin Webber and Ben for supporting us! :) 


    To be honest, what else would Rafael say? My scripts were awesome? Of course not. I know who your new programmers are, and they are far from professionals, so stop saying that. And i'm not claiming that i'm a professional either. And the very big plot hole in this whole thing is that i haven't given Rafael a single line of code since August 2014, since he didn't actually ever take part in development since then. So i don't understand how you reviewed any of my code. The only thing he did was tell his opinion, and i had to beg for that too... I knew that one day, we would split, because things won't change and Rafael won't really do much.. https://i.gyazo.com/c0c5d6988c03fa679450d251b252e20f.png PS: i can still see you use my ladder script in the video...
  7. Where will we go.

    Seems i'm too late for the party. Thanks guys!
  8. Where will we go.

    Sure he is. We are about to get our own domain and transfer this site there, but it takes a lot of money and time sadly. No worries thought, he needs a cease and desist for that, which isn't easy to get afaik and enforce on another continent.
  9. EMT and paramedic questions

    Perfect, thanks Scoobz!:)
  10. Favorite Youtuber!

    I love Jeff too!
  11. So, Police 1013 just started it's fundraiser.

    you made me tear up someone finally understands Back on the topic thought, i don't think i would donate the money i could put into the game i work on into some other game
  12. City size

  13. Favorite Youtuber!

    Hey, so i'm pretty sure everyone watches certain youtubers! My favorite is Casey Neistat, who vlogs his life in NYC! a video you might have seen from him recently: Who is your favorite youtuber?
  14. Thomas The Tank Engine, UK or US?

    ^ same, never knew there was a US version i loved it though