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  1. Screenshots

    I'd love too see it as well if you want any help message me
  2. Switching

    just a quick question Like say where playing as FDNY can we go to the start menu and switch to NYPD etc
  3. Should we have a Teamspeak 3 Server

    Yes the fourms would be a good way to do that As for that some people might not want to sign up to the forums and might want to just make it easier to just hope on Poke them ask and sit there
  4. Should we have a Teamspeak 3 Server

    If you get a Teamspeak server you can save Chats it logs it in server log and if you buy a server from Ts You can ask teamspeak to send you Logs at the end of each day to your email
  5. Should we have a Teamspeak 3 Server

    I know I simply wanted to see what the Community wanted and to us it serves a purpose the purpose is to get to know you guys more so to us it serves a purpose
  6. Should we have a Teamspeak 3 Server

    Hi guy's i know a-lot of my friends have wanted to talk to the Team of EMERGNYC and we couldn't do that so a few friends of mine wanted me to ask what do you guys think about have a Team Speak Server as i know where to get a Free 100 Slot so please leave your thoughts below Yes No