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  1. Youtube Update

    Hi! There is at the moment no video available. Just a old one (not listed) before the split between emergenyc and responding. New Videos will coming soon i guess!

    This idea is great. But couldn't this end up in a “war”? I personally think we shouldn't go, and make a big story out of this. I mean yeah FlipSwitchGames might have more advertising. But for the most of potential customers could it be hard to understand which side was the bad guy in this situation, and this bad guy behavior is in my opinion a bit childish. Also, I think the situation is at the moment a bit hard because a lot of people are confused about the situation. We know what happened but we should stop to start with this over and over. You know what I mean? A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will... We will see what Rafael is doing in the future. I believe it's not much. Like his website If responding finished the website, and have more content they should clearly think about advertising from YouTube. But for now it would be a bad decision if you ask me.
  3. Behind The Scenes Status of This Game

    Hey kershaw, First of all, no I don't think that Rafael can claim any content the responding team did in the last. Because Rafael was absent for a long time and only 2 devs was working on the game. And those two are the one who make responding now. So he can't claim those things because he wasn't involved in those things. He “could” force this site to shut down. But this would take a lot of time. Besides that I don't think Rafael will do something like this. Also, the Responding Team has a new studio name called “Visionary Studios”. And all they made for Emergency has been taken over to Responding. So they didn't lose any content. The game Rafael is doing won't be the same like this(all he has is stuff he did for emergenyc and that's not much ). Maybe some day he will finish emergenyc but I don't think so. I know a lot of stuff on this site is outdated not working etc. But they are only 2 guys. They work on a lot of things at the same time. That's why a lot of links aren't working right now. Yes a new site will come also they planned a new green light campaign and here is the new Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/Playresponding/?fref=ts I ask to help them with stuff but they don't want help So we are all forced to wait until something happened.
  4. Facebook page

    Here is the new link https://www.facebook.com/Playresponding/?ref=ts&fref=ts
  5. EmergeNYC Fansite Germany

    Thank you very much! The "Shop" is just a redirect to the official store here.
  6. Well hello fellow member!I feel ready to publish our (Trust37, N8wach3 and FEDSF.com) fan site for EmergeNYC. And yes it's in German, I don't see the point to create one in English too because this forum is already in English available. The site is ready for public but not finished at all. Needs still some work on the responsive stuff and that's a pain. I'm doing this in my free time, nearby my real job. And that's not a custom template like the word press one. I made it from the scratch with some tools. Include some java scripts and mostly HTML 5 and css3. And it cost me some money. Not much but yeah.N8wach3 and FEDSF.com are supporting me with the site. (N8wach3 is sponsoring the domain and doing some social media stuff for me, thank you very much!) Short overview:The site includes a lot of screenshots from EmergeNYC and basic information about us (the fan site), you (emergenyc) and overall indie devs. I've included a lot of links to the official site especially to the shop, with a notice that we're not endorsed with you selling the game. We just provide the link. I made this because we have a lot of stupid rights about the internet in Germany and to make it clear that we're a fan site. The most pictures include a copyright from you guys. I also want to make clear that you have all the rights on the pictures. We have a blog too. But I don't like it at all. Wordpress has a lot of templates. But in my opinion they suck. Or cost a lot of money. I'm working on a way to create an own news site like the website but this needs also time. I really like the contact us site. It looks like real police laptop. It's not awesome but somehow cool! You're pleased to send us some mails They will send to our mail server and you will get an answer soon! Contact Us All messages will be stored in a mysql table. But we don't save any ip addresses. Yes we see an ip address but it's anonymous because this will be handled over cloud flare so don't worry(example: your real ip is 123.456.789 and with cloud flares magic it goes to 321.654.987)! We just store your E-Mail address to answer you back if necessary Please leave me some feedback. And if anyone from the developer team has some problems with using the screenshots or something else, please let me know so I can remove it! Also i've included our logo! Our Links: www.emergenyc-community.de www.facebook.com/emergenycfansitegermany
  7. Screenshots

    Hello guys! I'm working on a fansite for EmergeNYC. I was searching for some screenshots. But all screenshots i've found was blurry, small, pixelated or had just some bad quality. Is it possible to get better screenshots from the dev team?
  8. Your opinion about the new website?

    I will send you a message about this somewhat later
  9. Your opinion about the new website?

    Yes it does. But the frontpage does still needs work. There are some bugs and a lot of things improve in my opinion.