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  1. I have no ability to do anything either...though as I was saying above we are planning to make a exception for the people who have this unsolvable issue where we will distribute the validation only launcher & game files in private to each one affected and therefore that should fix it(if that doesn't fix it who knows what will solve it then lol)
  2. change of plans sanders prefers the launcher be validation only and the game come with it so that is going to be happening effective immediately
  3. I don't have the ability to lock this but bug report resolved. lets just consider this thread closed since I don't have the ability to lock it instead.
  4. Everyone who is having problems please redownload the zip as it includes the config file.
  5. yea I am reworking it right now.
  6. really you deleted everything from the old launcher including the responding program files folder with everything in it? and redownloaded the launcher from the link in the banner?
  7. Fixed Please redownload the launcher please.
  8. very sorry you are having that many issues mca I will get you a working launcher sooner or later or at worst case I will get you a copy of the game without the launcher then.
  9. one question mca are you running the launcher as admin if UAC is enabled because just to test turn UAC completely off to see if it allows it http://www.windows10update.com/2015/05/windows-10-tutorials-84-how-to-disable-uac/
  10. well might have to just send you the launcher instead try downloading the launcher instead again from the banner or better yet just download it from a direct link which I will send you on discord also do you have a log that was created if so please let me see it as it will have the most debug information in it.
  11. Try using it now since I enabled ftp over tls security
  12. wow now that is annoying lol(it works but doesn't lol) do you have .net 4.6 installed by chance? because that is the runtime required for this launcher. nevermind it looks like somehow it is trying to use tls when I haven't enabled that yet on the ftp server yet.
  13. this has been resolved try now.
  14. very sorry for that I am currently fixing it right now.
  15. okay let me check to see what is going on.