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  1. New launcher doesn't start

    Nope... seems be always the same it crash
  2. Not being able to log in

    Hey Mountain, try to don't put "mountainclown" without the "M" put "m" and it will be done
  3. Blocked?

    Hi buddy. Well i don't really know where to start but when you wait a game like responding and many others game than they are still in progress you should simply wait for a beta or alpha before saying shit in commentary. When you play to the beta and only when you play give your opinion about the game. It's easy to say for you and all others guys than the game is shit because the teaser don't give any content of the game. IT IS ONLY A TEASER. Not the game or any game content like an opening. You did the thing to never do... speaking about another game. It's a placement of produce and it's not fair for the devloppers of the game. You would like to do a game and others say than it's a shit without playing and speaking about another game making a comparison ? no no no and NO. So hell yea I think you deserved your block because you didn't respected the work of the staff here. That's all to say.
  4. Voice Actors Needed!

    oh ? will send another one so !
  5. Voice Actors Needed!

    Mail sended yesterday
  6. Voice Actors Needed!

    hell yea XD well for gangs it's better spanish :3 like latino gangs
  7. Voice Actors Needed!

    well... I can speak english but with french accent XD
  8. What department are you the most excited for?

    Mmmhhh i like FDNY and NYPD... but I think... i'm gonna choose FDNY x)
  9. Check up

    I think they are probably occuped to work hard to be able to get an alpha for this summer. They have maybe a lot of things to do and are working hard. Well that's what i think. I hope they are all ok too. Get us a feedback guys
  10. Youtube Update

    Mysterious so ! we will se when it will be ready !
  11. Youtube Update

    For the youtube video, the first video you will make , will we be able to see the map ? (well not entire of course a little part or a square) with some engine ?
  12. Just wanted to get this off my chest.

    The best product of this year will be mine !! MOUAHAHAH..oh well.. in my computer :x I'm so excited by thinking we gonna have the alpha soon !! °.° well maybe in 3-4 month isn't it in good way ? must change to ultimate supporter soon when money come to paypal :3
  13. Just wanted to get this off my chest.

    Yes, all order are for responding there. If u bought the game on this store when it was called "EmergeNYC" the game you will have is "Responding".
  14. Build the Community!

    I think for a community, it will be pretty good to have some staff with other language. French - Spanish - English - German. That 4th language are the most important. This will be able to answer to oders people, grow faster the community and will maybe have more funds (buying the game). So maybe after you should recruit some staff as "Helpers". Their job will be to answer to the community in different language (For example i could answer for french, spanish and english too) concerning the game questions, community question etc..

    You look like a bite retarded buddy. You really don't know the story. It's really easy to write it isn't it ? how could guys like you come here and write that shit ? Maybe they take time to make "a police car" or "a parking garage" as you said before but you are a real dumbass. Why it takes time ? yeah you don't know what modelisation is. So before speaking about the work of others, learn to know what they must do ! FREE firefigter model ? AHAHAHHA FUCKING KIDDING ME. He's making a CUSTOM MODEL. Not a bought model. Yeah you know what ? let's show us what you can do YOU ?! You don't know nothing. Please just shut up and turn off your brain. You don't need it. Oh and forget, go f*ck yourself. Dysand sorry for my bad language i will accept to be warned, but couldn't close my "mouth" for a guy like him. That disapointed me. You, developers make a great job !