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  1. Crash when clicking play

    Glad you got it working, just downloading
  2. Back after a little house moving drama

    Yea Thanks DS, Just been having a look, you've been busy! Some great stuff there. Hope your enjoying the development and it isn't a chore. Sorry I missed your birthday as well, so a belated Happy Birthday
  3. Back after a little house moving drama

    Thanks and thank you for the quick reply
  4. Hi There DySands Apologies for not logging into forum for a while. I have recently moved house, is it possible you guys could update my details for my Ultimate purchase, Im not sure where how or who to send the details to Thanks Syndicate 47
  5. Ultimate now ordered

    Will do, just been browsing and commenting
  6. Ultimate now ordered

    Pleased to say I have now ordered the ultimate copy, keep up the good work guys.
  7. Youtube Update

    Just checked and was already subbed, be great to see the new footage when its available.
  8. Just wanted to get this off my chest.

    Thanks DySands, its just a lot easier for me to have my eggs in one basket rather than forget who I haven't changed my details with and have product sent somewhere I dont live anymore. Things may change however and you will be the first to know. Thanks for the info my man
  9. Just wanted to get this off my chest.

    Cool, what version are you going to pre-order then? Has to be Ultimate,, I'm just checking a few things out before I buy, I have to move house soon so will probably be after that so I dont have to mess around changin details after I've moved
  10. Just wanted to get this off my chest.

    I agree, even the small amount i've seen looks fantastic. I think my pre-purchase mind is made up
  11. Build the Community!

    I shall be putting the word out and getting fellow gamers to at least check out the website and videos, and yes I am new to this forum, I was checking out my previous greenlight list (that's the "hope to see" list) to see what had made it and found I had this on my list, so i checked up to see how things were going and I think this is going to be fantastic. I think the community will grow in leaps and bounds in time. I will give some careful thought to it beforehand but I hope to make the pre-purchase soon. p.s. don't bite my head off if this is in the wrong topic page