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  1. HOSA

    Its a club for high schoolers going to school for the medical field. Its called Health Occupation Students of America. Students compete in events such as EMT, CERT, Clinical Nursing, Ect. It helps you with skills for your field and you can meet new people. I go to a tech school half the day so it may not be available to everyone. Mostly Tech and Magnet schools for Health Science.
  2. HOSA

    Hey guys, my partner and I got our long-board skill down to Six minutes today! It was originally about 15 when we first started but now we have it down to six. Our KED skill is now 7 minutes so we have a good chance to go onto State competition! Anyone else in HOSA?
  3. AI and Player Takeover

    So I assume that AI will take over the units not being played so, will you be put in a random department/hospital/firehouse or will you be able to choose each time where you go or is it a one time set in stone thing?

    This looks like it got a bit out of hand eh?
  5. EMT! I love the fact that this game won't leave out the good ole EMS