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  1. Blocked?

    Tbh no. Thomas is life
  2. Blocked?

    Is it sad that I actually watched that?
  3. Blocked?

    ahhhhhh the memories
  4. Blocked?

    Yes, I will admit I could have worded my original comment better however it has been misinterpreted from the original meaning. I wasnt having a gripe at the developers here and I wasn't being hostile. Personally I have preference over EmergeNYC at this stage but that is because I have seen a lot more for it. Thats not to say I dont have faith in what Responding can be, I never stated this is shit as to what was said previous on this forum thread. I will still take preference in EmergeNYC until I can start to see some proper gameplay, and that still goes the same for EmergeNYC. Its a bit hard to call a driving demo gameplay but like I said, EmergeNYC has shown more and to me, it is looking like its ahead. I am looking forward to what Responding can bring and I hope it does prove me wrong. My comment wasnt worded as good as it could have been and I apologize for that, however I wasnt lying or hating on the devs in terms of what I said
  5. Blocked?

    Not dismissing your side of this however you did say that I had no reason for believing rafs side of the story however you're only stating 1 side too and you did say dont judge this game while its still in development. EmergeNYC is still in early stages too. However all this comes back to me being blocked for stating my opinion and bringing up another game. Im sure plenty of stuff like this happened between CoD and BF1. Thats what competition is. EmergeNYC was rafs game and Visionary pretty much did exclude him from his project. Thats what I meant by this is stolen. And I never necessarily meant the content, however the concept of the game
  6. Blocked?

    Well then enlighten me on the facts. Im not ignorant as most of you are suggesting. Im following this game just as much as EmergeNYC
  7. Blocked?

    Wow all these butt hurt people over 1 comment
  8. Blocked?

    And yes what I said was true if you knew the facts of the history between the two developers
  9. Blocked?

    I never said this game was shit. I said that EmergeNYC already has a playable demo on steam and that its looking more promising and it was a reply to another comment, before you start assuming Im disrespecting the staff here. And people can have opinions on what they believe is better, however I didnt say this game was gonna be shit. I still dont see a reason for me to be blocked over 1 comment. Its quiet ridiculous. I see many other (what you would call) disrespectful comments on the page and those people arent blocked
  10. Blocked?

    Hey Visionary Studios, Why delete my comment and block me from your page on Facebook? Deleting a comment as well as blocking me kind of says a lot about this company and the truth behind my comment. It seems to me that freedom of speech does not exist here. I see many other similar comments all over Facebook yet none of them are deleted, so why was I? Blocking your followers is not a good way to build your business. I follow this game because, just like EmergeNYC, I am interested in finding out how this game turns out and even purchasing the game, however being blocked from the page make me lose a lot of faith in this team and what they can produce