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Player injuries

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hi, I was thinking in order to make the game more realistic, that injuries to the player and even AI should be able to occur and affect the player in countless ways.


I was thinking that for the police, the system should be similar to SWAT 4 which is an interesting game made around 2006. The system is probably as realistic as you can get and I am surprised most games don't use it, the system is obvious, pretty much if you get shot or hit in the arms your aim is affected, in the legs and you must limp instead of walk/run, and in the head, torso, or hips could affect both. Also, EMERGENYC should break through the barriers with this and add other side affects such as blurriness, dizziness, and lack of energy.


Now on to firefighters/paramedics, this should be similar to the suggestions above, but with burns and such. It would be interesting to have some gauges while fighting a fire to show your body temp. so you can see if your burning up, or to measure smoke inhalation, and how much oxygen is left in your tank.


Lastly, all injuries should be partly healed by paramedics, real people if in a multiplayer game, and fully healed with a trip to the hospital.



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Thanks for the fast reply, and you've got a good point, I can remember a few times in SWAT it would be pretty frustrating to take  what seemed like hours to go such a short distance.

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