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Keegan H

AI and Player Takeover

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So I assume that AI will take over the units not being played so, will you be put in a random department/hospital/firehouse or will you be able to choose each time where you go or is it a one time set in stone thing?

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Hello keegan,

There will be AI units patrolling the streets, when there is a call you hear over the radio you can decide to respond or to sit it out, this doesn't mean the call dissapears, AI will respond to that call and you can go to the area to see the AI doing their work. 

For the fire department and medics this is the same, you will never be the only one at work!


When you start the game up you can choose the station/precinct where you want to start your tour, you will stay in that area unless you respond to certain calls that require you to respond to a different area of new york.

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