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[Update] Unreal Engine, New Map and more.

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Hello Responders!

We are sorry for the long silence we have had. We've decided to break our work down, start over and do it right this time. So this is going to be a rather long post to go more in detail.




From Unity to Unreal.


Let's start off simple, most of our time was spent considering Unreal as a more viable solution in terms of game design. So for that reason we are moving the game over to the Unreal Engine rather than Unity. This engine is much more powerful and has many better and more advanced tools that allow us to work more efficiently and productively. Our materials, textures and programming can be done much more easily and efficiently. We were quite surprised as to how easy the engine is to work with in terms of programming and we're hard at work at re-creating and improving the work we did earlier.


New map.

With the new engine we felt like a new map and setting was needed. After the split with FlipSwitch Games we've had many concerns at the similarities between our two games. So for that reason we are moving our game from the virtual depiction of the real New York City to fictional New York State with our own map and of course a big island that can depict Manhattan. This also means the new map will be 10 square kilometers in size, which is insanely huge and working with that requires dedication. We've split the map into 3 islands, which will each have their own name, scenery and unique player experience. 10 km squared is the maximum size we can go with the engine and still use reliable network stability.


Is this still Responding?

Many of you are probably questioning if Responding is still the same game even with all these new changes. The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes and no.

Responding has changed but still remains true to it's original plans for gameplay, we haven't changed that. However we did add and touch on a few subjects internally and we're turning our focus onto quality over quantity as we had earlier. We wanna ensure product quality in our work, so we're looking into new ways of expanding the team and business possibilities in the future.


We leave you with a screenshot that might look barren but shows the beauty of the engine, even though Responding is still in it's early re-birth.


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