The MDC and the new Police Sedan

It's been a while since we have done a blog, this is because we have gotten unbelievably busy again, but busy is good!

So me personally have been focusing on the MDC, Impala and city assets these past few weeks, we have showed off the new Police Sedan in a video, it was awesome to see the community come alive on that video!

This weekend we are starting the development of New York City, we are moving away from all of our place-holders, this is very exciting because this means that we canreally show off the level of detail we are aiming for with EmergeNYC.

We are also having website maintenancethis weekend so there is a small possibility that we are being offline for a short period of time but we will put updates on this on our facebook and twitter!

If you are interested in small teasers of assets that are being created we havestarted a topic on the forums especially for that,we will do updates at least once a week so keep an eye on that!

The amount of support we have gotten from every single one of you has been a great motivation for us to work even harder, each pre-order and comment goes a very long way and is very much appreciated!

Thank you all!

Kind regards,


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